Hound Dog Recovery is capable of cutting, and programming keys for about 90 percent of the vehicles that are on the road today. Cutting a key at our facility is a smart decision.

We are cheaper than the auction, and you will send the vehicle to auction as an operational unit rather than an in-operational unit. This ensures it will be less expensive, and also the unit will not sustain any damage being dragged up on the truck and dragged back off. We will be able to provide mileage, which helps you begin your asset disposal process earlier, instead of waiting a few weeks.

  • Involuntary Repossessions -
    Automobiles, RVs, Fifth Wheels, Goose Necks, Travel Trailers, Boats with or without trailers, Boats in the water, Tractor Trailers, and Equipment
  • Voluntary Repossessions -
    Voluntary Repossessions, Dealter Drop offs, and Lease Ends
  • Floor Plan Audits -
    We are equipped to perform floor plan audits of your inventory or remove if necessary
  • Key Service -
    In-House key making in our facility to save time and money liquidating assets
  • Picture & Condition Reports -
    We have the ability to go on site and give a detailed report on the asset and take digital pictures
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Clearplan software is built to optimize the repossession process. As repossession professionals, Clearplan helps us secure collateral faster. It is a valuable tool that eliminates confusion and puts our entire team on the same page in securing collateral.

Hound Dog Recovery uses Recovery Database Network (RDN) and Clearplan mapping software to quickly and efficiently work accounts.